Rules of the contest

  1.  Participants are required to  arrange their own laptop

  2. Internet  & NEST trader will provided by Tradejini free of cost

  3. Participants need to pay Rs 3000 as Entry Fee ( Inclusive of Food & Refreshment ) which is non refundable

  4. All contestants should compulsorily Trade with Tradejini trading account (UCC) during contest period

  5. Participant are permitted to deposit  Maximum capital of Rs 3,00,000 (including MTM debit) during contest period

  6. The trades carried out on during contest period ,will only be considered for determining the winner

  7. Traders are permitted to trade in equity segment (only BSE 200 stocks) as well as NSE F&0 segment

  8. Participants can take long & short positions and also also permitted to write options

  9. In case of Individual stock options- strikes rates should meet minimum open interest & volumes criteria which will be notified to participants on the contest date

  10. Participants are  permitted to use technical analysis software and third party research advise

  11. Physical presence of the participants at trading premise is must during the contest period

  12. Any loss of capital due to participants trade/investment in equity or futures and options will not be compensated by organizer /Tradejini Financial services

  13. Winners will be determined based on the net gains for the closed position during contest period  ( Before Tax & levies)

  14. Any open position at end the contest will not be considered for determining the net gain

  15. Participants need to sign undertaking about “risk clause associated with trading ”

  16. Participants need to provide in principal approval to tradejin and "oragnisers"  for publicly and freely disclosing all their trade details during contest period

  17. Participants should be minimum age of 18

  18. Exposure Margin will be decided by Tradejini

  19. In case of draw(tie) prize money will equally distributed among the qualifying participants

To Participate -get in touch with us