Hedge Fund Analyst Program

Hedge Fund is the pooling of investments from high net worth individuals. These funds invest in equities, bonds, and commodities.

The funds use investment strategies as long, short, leverage and derivative positions. They invest in local as well as international markets. They operate as a private investment partnership and investors are required to invest very large amounts initially.

Hedge fund are similar to mutual funds in the concept of pooling the investments but differ in flexibility and approach. The goal of the hedge funds is to minimize the risk and maximize the return on investment.

Hedge Fund Analyst needs to have practical exposure and in-depth theoretical knowledge on following subjects

  • OTC products IRS, Exotic Options , Credit derivatives  & CDS

  • Fixed Income Securities :MBS & ABS 

  • Money Markets & Repo Products.

  • Process of Collateral Management​​

  • Forex barrier & binary options , NFD, FX swaps 

  • Long Short strategies , Pair trading, Arbitrage strategies

  • Derivatives Accounting 

  • Using of Java/Python in Quant trading, Data analysis & Automation of Process.

  • Fund Accounting & Reconciliation

  • Fundamentals of Blockchain & Ethereum smart contracts